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  • What is Fine Art Photo?

    1. 1. The theme is solid

    2. Has the power to appeal

    3. Limited number of prints

    4. Autographed by the artist

    5. With a certificate of history of the work

    6. The work is kept in good condition

  • With edition certificate

    Comes with an edition certificate issued directly by the artist to ensure that this work is rare or not a duplicate. Also, even if the work is passed on to your next owner, it will always reveal the identity of the work.

    Autographed by the artist

    It is endorsed that the artist himself carefully checked each piece to see if he was satisfied with the finish of the work. Anything that is dirty or scratched will be discarded as a work. In addition, you can check the number of prints along with the number of editions (number of prints) of the work, and it is protected from duplicates.

    Uses extra-thick art paper

    Uses EPSON's "UltraSmooth®" fine art paper. This paper has an extra thickness of 325 g / ㎡ and does not distort due to changes in humidity. In addition, 100% cotton gives the best color and is the highest level of high quality paper as art paper. Furthermore, it is a paper that suppresses aging and fading of photographs as much as possible.

  • Edition (number of copies) certificate

    AkiFoto The work of is accompanied by such an edition certificate. The certificate includes the date of issue of the certificate, the name of the artist, the year of shooting, the year of production, the quality of the paper, the size, the history of the work, the number of editions, and the signature of the artist.

  • Autographed

    AkiFotoAll the works of are signed by the writer Akihisa Suzuki. The sign is applied with a pencil on the front or back of the work. In addition, the number of editions (number of prints) of the work and the number of the print are added.AkiFotoThe work of is a very small number of prints of 5 to 20 sheets. The letters AP mean artist proof and the meaning of the artist's preservation.AkiFotoThen I usually print one or two sheets.

  • 2008 12th Comprehensive Photo Exhibition Received Prime Minister's Award "Sleeping"

    Participated in a photo contest for the first time as an amateur writer. , The work that became the debut to win at the top of 6700 publicly recruited works. 15 prints in A3 + size when AkiFoto's Webshop opens.

  • 2010 Canon Photo Contest Freedom Category Grand Prize "Moment of Decision"

    There is no other composition for this portrait. By shooting from the side, I made it possible to have a portrait with the face facing down. And this angle cuts out the strength of this person's will and the anguish of Urahara at the same time.

  • 2010 JPA All Japan Photo Exhibition Silver Award "God Bless the Earth]

    A huge factory near the town of Juliet, Illinois, United States. Black smoke rises from one chimney to the sky. A huge cloud approached the blue sky where there was no cloud and tried to swallow black smoke.