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"Blessed color" -Dream comfort series-

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Blissful color」 Snow lily. For Hana's photos, the overall color of the finished product is very important. The slightly dark purple and pink background complement the pure white petals. The bokeh of the back is very hard. The real thing does not appear blurred to people with normal eyes. The background blur emphasizes the beauty of the main subject in the foreground. Furthermore, the blur is ambiguous/It expresses fuzzyness. I feel a sense of non-life from the ambiguity that is unrealistic. So it's comfortable. Fresh morning dew is shining in the morning sun in the early morning of early spring. It's easy to think that flower photography is easy because the other person is stopped. However, it is not easy to meet such a situation. By the way, I don't think it's possible for me to take the same picture. Snow lily. It's a nice name. It blooms just before the flowers are about to bloom all at once in early spring. Although the name of the lily is attached, one flower is a small one of about 2 cm and the length is only about 15 cm, which is pretty. Such a small life heals us. What a great power.