Precautions for handling the work-Before purchasing-

About the handling of the work

Thank you for your patronage of AkiFoto's work.

Please read the handling precautions carefully first. Please understand the following points so that you can enjoy your work for as long as possible.

The work is very delicate. Please do not touch the printed surface of the work directly. The printed surface is very fragile. For example, even if you use it with a soft brush to remove dust on the surface, it will be scratched.

The photo will deteriorate over the years, but you can suppress the deterioration as much as possible by suppressing the cause. There are several causes of deterioration, but the main causes are (1) ultraviolet rays, (2) oxidation, and (3) humidity.

  • The photo is very sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, soAvoid decorating the room in direct sunlight.
  • It will be deteriorated by oxygen and humidity in the air, so please frame it as much as possible and seal it so that it does not come in contact with the air. Paper and ink itself also contain elements that oxidize,AkiPhotoThe work of is using the one that does not oxidize as much as possible.
  • Mold due to moisture and distortion of the paper are also possible. Be careful when storing it in a storage room for a long time.
  • Aki Foto's work is not framed.If the work is framed, the resistance will increase. At AkiFoto, we give priority to the fact that it is difficult to meet the frame of your choice and to reduce the cost of shipping and packaging as much as possible. Please note.