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Midnight Jazz-3-

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Midnight Jazz-3-The third work out of all seven in the series Orange


Everyone is forbidden to play with fire from an early age. So even more, I want to play with fire. There must be something dangerous there because it is forbidden. If it's dangerous, I want to touch it even more. It is a comfortable work that makes you feel good.

* The actual work does not include the characters of the name "Photo by Aki Suzuki". "

Rare edition number 10 sheets

Autographed / with edition certificate

Large size A3 Novi (329x483cm)

Free shipping / Japanese domestic consumption tax included


  • Signing:                             It is endorsed that the artist himself checked each piece to see if he was satisfied with the finish of the work. Any dirt or scratches will be discarded as a work. In addition, you can check the number of prints along with the number of editions (number of prints) of the work, and protect it from duplicates.
  • Uses extra-thick art paper:                         Uses EPSON's "UltraSmooth®" fine art paper. This paper has an extra thickness of 325 g / ㎡ and does not distort due to changes in humidity. In addition, 100% cotton gives the best color and is the highest level of high-quality art paper. In addition, it is a paper that suppresses aging and fading of photographs as much as possible.
  • Large size:                           A3 + (Nobi) size = 329x483mm (13 "x19") paper with an image size of 309x465mm This is a fairly large photo for homes, offices, and stores. Determining the size of a work can be annoying. It is often desirable for art to be as large as possible because of its impact, but AkiFoto adopted this size. This is because it is the maximum size that the artist can print carefully by himself. It is also important that the work can be discarded without being noticed even if the work varies or if you make a mistake.
  • Digital pigment print:                     It is a difficult name printing method, but it is an inkjet print that is printed at home. However, AkiFoto's printer is CANON's PRO-G1 which is the highest peak / state-of-the-art (as of 2021) model for the general public, and the obtained work can ensure the best color development and durability. Of course, we use genuine "LUCIA PRO ink" as well as ink. The ink is also the best in both color development and resistance.