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"Into the dream" Happiness master series

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Happiness Master Series "Into a dream」  

The first work in the Happiness Master series, "Into the Dream," is, like the rest of the series, an active portrait of the now six-year-old girl Julia. Active portrait is a new word in the AkiFoto style. However, since it is just a snapshot, the title of portrait may be scolded for this work from the traditional portrait of the Orthodox school. That said, Julia has so many facial expressions that she can't express her multifacetedness with just one portrait. Although it is a technique that can be done by continuous shooting with a digital camera, it captures every moment of rich facial expressions and tailors it to the realm of art.

Her portrait at the moment of the smile of the heart. She's heading towards her dreams and will make your day happy.


Rare edition number 5

Autographed / with edition certificate

Large size A3 Novi (329x483cm)

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