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"How? Giuliano?"-Play Master Series-

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-Play Master Series-copper? Giuliano?

Italian master sculptor Giuliano Vangi. Model Mac liked this work and took this pose with haste. This is the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum in Shizuoka Prefecture. You can fully enjoy Vangi's works. Giuliano Vangi has expressed the inner diversity of human beings, especially in human figures. It is said to have been a challenge to traditional and orthodox figures, and the cornerstone of the free and open sculptural art of modern sculpture. AkiFoto's portrait is also a portrait of Giuliano Vangi, with active portraits that were once considered mere snapshots to create creative art.

This portrait is symmetrically synchronized with Vangi's work not only in terms of visuals but also in its concept. At first glance, it looks like it's just comical and fun to play, but it's actually a deep social satire. It's a free and fun world, but it's actually a bird in a basket. Moreover, it is a transparent basket. Or I don't think I'm full of self-confidence and I'm stuck, but the world is stuck. And so on.


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