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"Loosely" -Stone wall-Series

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Stone wall "relaxing"

When I walk around the streets of Europe, I often find myself embarrassed to find that my way of walking is ridiculous, especially in the old town district in the center of the city. In Tokyo, where I live, everyone is living so slowly that I can't think of it. This photo is a photo, so it's stopped, but it's easy to get an image of everything moving slowly. It's not just the old gentleman in the center. From the stone wall in front and the thick wooden gate in the foreground, the profoundness of eternal history drifts. In such a situation, the sports car parked on the street for some reason is in stark contrast. However, I don't feel any discomfort. It wouldn't be strange if the gentleman had driven. Why? The signpost on the front of what fits here and the beret of the gentleman are in harmony with the design. It must be the result of the height, thickness and weight of the culture.

Super limited print of only 10 sheets

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A3 Novi size (329mm x 482mm) Large format.

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