Legal notice

Distributor: Distributor:AkiPhoto
Representative responsible:Akihisa Suzuki
location:195-0061, 3-15-11 Tsurukawa, Machida-shi, Tokyo 3-15-11 Tsurukawa, Machida-shi, Japan
telephone number:08020930008
Selling price:Consumption tax is included in the purchase price in Japan. Purchase price in countries other than Japan
Necessary charges other than the product price:There is no charge other than the purchase price in Japan.
Payment method and timing of payment:Payment by credit card etc. listed on the page. Payment occurs when the product is shipped.
Delivery time of goods:Ships within 3 business days after confirming the order.
Product delivery method:Mailed by the shipping company or shipped by mail.
About returns, defective products, and cancellations:Defects due to scratches, dirt, moisture, etc. can be replaced or canceled after the product has been shipped. Cancellation is possible before shipping the product, and refund is possible.
Return deadline:It is possible to ship within one week after the item arrives.