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"From the Northern Country"-The Master of Happiness Series-

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Master of happiness "From the northern country"

"Julia 18 months. I'm a little confused by the snow for the first time in my life. The snow is pure white and very beautiful. I like the sea but maybe I'll love it. The black fur hat and pure white coat are fashionable, aren't they? Was it really there? "

I want you to take a closer look at the expression of Julia, the model of this work. I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing, but I can see a kind of positiveness. Also, on the contrary, I cannot hide the uneasy side. It has a mysterious look. Yes, the human mind is not that simple. The feature of AkiFoto is not to miss such a moment. And this little uneasy face gives a sense of relief to the viewer.

 At the same time, I had a hard time finishing the white kite in the highlight part of the white coat as small as possible so that the under part of the black fur Ushanka hat would not be crushed black. The printer I used, CANON's PRO-G1, has a wonderful expression of black details. A strong ally for black-and-white photography.


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