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Midnight Jazz-4-

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Midnight Jazz-4-The fourth work out of all seven in the series Monochrome                                

      -7-    The specifications / details of the work are posted on the yellow page of the second work of "Midnight Jazz".

Monochrome cannot be removed from the seven colors. By bringing monochrome to the center of the 4th work, the connection between the hot warm colors in the first half and the cool shades in the second half is brilliantly managed. Not only does it complement the colors of the entire series, but it's also very well-balanced. Besides, monochrome can be imagined in any color by closing your eyes and imagining it. That's not the case when it's colored. So monochrome is pretty good, and it's a must-have.

* The actual work does not include the characters of the name "Photo by Aki Suzuki".

Rare edition number 10 sheets

Autographed / with edition certificate

Large size A3 Novi (329x483cm)

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