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"Mutsumajiku" -Dream comfort series-

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The intersection of the two pretty flowers seems to show how happy the couple of high school students, who are still in school uniforms, are close to each other without any shame when they leave school. Furthermore, I believe that happiness is absolute and will continue forever in the future. It conveys a strong feeling that no one will disturb you. I envy young people. And beautiful. The two chamomile couples give us such energetic power. The yellowish hue of the entire screen is even more energetic.

It comes with an edition certificate issued directly by the artist, so you can be assured that this work is rare and not a duplicate. Also, even if the work is passed on to your next owner, it will always reveal the identity of the work.
The work has an autograph by the artist. It is endorsed that the artist himself carefully checked each piece to see if he was satisfied with the finish of the work. Anything that is dirty or scratched will be discarded as a work. In addition, you can check the number of prints along with the number of editions (number of prints) of the work, and it is protected from duplicates.
This paper is extra thick and does not distort due to changes in humidity. In addition, 100% cotton gives the best color and is the highest level of high quality paper as art paper. Furthermore, it is a paper that suppresses aging and fading of photographs as much as possible. Printing is 10-color printing with CANON's PRO-G1.

From shooting to photo selection, development processing and proper editing. Issuance of edition certificate and description of signature / number. The series of production from the final inspection check to careful and careful packing and shipping is completed by the responsibility of the artist himself and his strong commitment to art.