Challenge to Amazon listing

I am trying to sell on Amazon. This is also quite difficult and difficult. For now, I don't know if I can reach the listing. I can't find an unknown art work like me on Amazon in Japan. If you search for keywords such as Wall Art, prints, paintings, etc., you will find them, but they are 100% mass-produced products, and a small number of limited-quantity products or one-of-a-kind paintings like me do not appear. So, strictly speaking, there is no competition in Amazon. But in a broad sense there are a lot of competitors and they are all very cheap. This is because they are printing in large quantities. And it has a name value that can be sold even if it is made in large quantities. The gap for newcomers is really narrow. What is open is not a work, but a product. Even Amazon seems to be difficult to do business with art works.

The product barcodes and trademarks are the ones that get stuck when listing on Amazon. Amazon usually requires a barcode to be attached. The product barcode has been obtained many times before, so it is easy to obtain, but it is not suitable for small-lot, high-mix products. The cost and effort performance is too bad.

So I am in the process of trademark exemption. It is essential to display the logo on the product itself or on the package. However, since my work has a signature of a real brush, this is a genuine brand and trademark mark, and there should be nothing better than that. I applied for this sign to be good. However, it was rejected.

So I just made a logo sticker like the one in the picture and attached it, or reapplied to print the logo on the printed matter attached to the work. Thanks to you, I feel that I am very close to the products sold in the world. In particular, a large round logo sticker was attached to the back of the work. I'm thinking about stamps in the future. That way, it will be an anti-art forgery measure when it becomes super famous after my death in the distant future. Ha ha ha!

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