"EMS" is scary

メイン画像There are quite a few free shipping items from overseas in NET SHOP. So I thought that shipping AkiFoto overseas would be an easy win, so I was hawking. Since I will be shipping overseas for the first time the other day, it would be ridiculous if I used DHL that I had used in the past. The shipping cost has exceeded the sales amount. It was a big deal. So I checked EMS. Actually, I first investigated EMS, but at that time, EMS was not fully operational due to the influence of Corona. It seems that flights to most countries are now in operation. Looking at the price, AkiFoto's luggage is almost the same as Kuroneko's national average. However, the packaging of AkiFoto is 100 size. It's OK in Japan, but if it's shipped overseas, it's much cheaper if it's 90 size. So I ordered a packaging material that was just a little smaller for overseas use. With this, it is possible to sell to customers from overseas at the same price as in Japan, including shipping.

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