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"Light" -Stone wall series-

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Stone wall "lamp

This is an old residential area at the foot of the Aquapolis hills in the center of Athens. The stone walls of the Parthenon in Aquapolis can be heavy, but the slightly older ordinary stone walls in this quiet residential area are much better. After all, I feel warmth. The clay walls are painted in multiple layers, and the paint is also painted on top of them. The final orange / pink paint has also fallen off to the point that it seems to have been a long time ago. Still, the overall color is slightly soft and warm. And the highlights in this frame are the fairly new streetlights struck on the stone wall and the graffiti that imitates the streetlights that seem to have been drawn very recently. The picture of this draft is really well drawn. It gives you much warmer than a real streetlight. A house that must have been cherished for a long time. The culmination of the stone walls is the "Tomoshibi" in this painting.

Super limited print of only 10 sheets

With author's signature and edition certificate 

A3 Novi size (329mm x 482mm) Large format.

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